Description of the action of Die lifter
PM 15:24
Sunzuant QDCS can effectively reduce die change time for stamping presses.
Automatic clamping replaces labor-intensive bolt tightening.
Loading / Unloading dies is safe and easy with die lifters and pre-rollers.
The operation panel has user-friendly push-button controls.
Operator error is prevented by the interlock circuit, and makes your workplace safer.
QDC System Components:die clamp,die lifter,die arm,air driven hydraulic pump unit,and control panel.

Die lifter is arranged in the T-slot or U-slot of the punching machine base plate.
Easy to load / unload the die with hydraulic lifting rollers.

The die is easily moved to the bolster on the roller of die lifter.

Action Description Of Die lifter:
Die lifter lifts up by supplying hydraulic pressure to hydraulic port.
The roller ascends above the bolster surface and the die is smoothly moved by the roller.

Die lifter moves down by spring force when hydraulic pressure is cut off.
The roller descends under the bolster and the die contacts the bolster.