Description of the action of Die lifter
Sunzuant QDCS can effectively reduce die change time for stamping presses. Automatic clamping replaces labor-intensive bolt tightening. Loading / Unloading dies is safe and easy with die lifters and pre-rollers. The operation panel has user-friendly push-button controls. Operator error is prevented by the interlock circuit, and makes your workplace safer.
Sunzuant Quick Die Change System helps manufacturers shorten die change time
Sunzuant Quick Die Change System helps manufacturers accomplish these goals, shortening die change time and making facilities more productive and profitable. Learn more about quick die change products and how they help drastically reduce downtime, increase production runs and more.
Application machines and industries of the Q.D.C. and Q.M.C. system
The Q.D.C. and Q.M.C. Systems specialize in changing the die or mold with high speed,precision and security in press, die casting, and injection molding machines.The Q.D.C. and Q.M.C. Systems provide a complete solution to fixing, moving and changing the die or mold during the production process.
Quick Die Change System Operator Notes
It is an era for making high frequency die change with multiple patterns and small quantity. Quick die change system save time for the die change and ensure the safety of the operation,then raise the competition capability of enterprises.
Sunzuant 2019 Annual Shanwei Red Bay Tourism
In order to enrich the spare time life of employees, relieve the pressure of work and enhance team cohesion, Dongguan Shangchuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. organized a two-day one-night tour to Shanwei Red Bay from August 4 to 5, 2019.
Specification For Quick Die Change System And Characteristic
Quick Die Change System saves time and boosts efficiency in stamping operations involving small volumes and large ranges of products, high production costs and strong demand for quality.
Benefits of introducing Quick Die/Mold Change System
Sunzuant quick die change system can substantially reduce changeover times, which means your presses spend more time producing products and less time sitting idle while the next job is set up.
Congratulations on the successful installation of the Haier kitchen electric quick change system and the mold change trolley system
Sunzuant Smart and Intelligent cooperated with Haier Electric Co., Ltd. to assist in the installation of 20 sets of rapid mold change system and rapid die change trolley system, helping Haier Electric to further develop intelligent manufacturing in China's kitchen electric industry and improve Chinese kitchen electric appliance manufacturing. The overall level of the industry.
Application of Die Casting Machine Quick Change System in Mobile Phone, Computer and 3C Digital Field
The function of the rapid die change system of die casting machine is to quickly change the mold, greatly shorten the die change time of the die casting machine, more accurate positioning and reliable safety, adapt to the needs of diversified production, and effectively improve the working environment and reduce labor costs. Improve production efficiency and increase the competitiveness of enterprises.
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