Specification For Quick Die Change System And Characteristic
PM 16:26

Quick Die Change System saves time and boosts efficiency in stamping operations involving small volumes and large ranges of products, high production costs and strong demand for quality. This system reduces the time needed to change dies while minimizing the risk of damage caused to the dies. It helps to ensure processing quality and better competition in today’s markets. This system has wide applications in presses, plastic injection machines and aluminum stamping machines and has won wide acclamation for the efficiency it brings to operations, the Quick Die Change System has quickly become an indispensable accessory for factories of all sizes to achieve the high levels of productivity required in today’s industry.

Characteristics of Quick Die Change System
Quick Die Change System basically consists of die arm, die lifter, die clamp, driven pump. We are specialist in manufacturing in this field and offer total system solutions to die-changing problems. We also fully provide after-sales service to ensure that the system will be used to maximum advantage. The Quick Die Change System offers the following specialties among others:
1.User can select the correct size die clamp in accordance with the die set and size of other equipments.
2.Pneumatic pump utilizes multiple circuit controls to allow a variety operation.
3.Hydraulic drive is used to minimize power consumption.
4.This unit is compact in size and very easy to install.