Benefits of introducing Quick Die/Mold Change System
PM 17:06

Increased Productivity

Quick die change system from Sunzuant can substantially reduce changeover times, which means your presses spend more time producing products and less time sitting idle while the next job is set up. A QDC system is more appropriate than ever in today's market environment.If you are spending too much time preparing for jobs and too little time producing parts, a QDC system may be the answer you have been looking for.

Easier Operation

Sunzuant QDC systems reduce the strain on your workforce, giving you happier, more productive workers. Our QDC systems make changing dies so easy, it can often be performed by one person in a matter of minutes.

Reduced Wear and Tear on Machines and Die Sets

Improper die position and unequal clamping can have a devastating impact on your machines and die sets. Sunzuant QDC Systems produce effortless die movement, so you can place your dies with pinpoint accuracy. Our clamping systems offer a broad range of clamping forces that are easily adjustable and provide consistent clamping force time and time again.


Sunzuant QDC Systems take the guesswork out of die setup, with better repeatability of positioning and clamping from one job to the next. Monitoring elements built into our hydraulic controllers and remote pressure switches ensure your QDC system supplies exactly the forces you need, when and where you need them.

Quick Return on Investment

a well-designed and high-quality QDC system can substantially increase the overall efficiency of a workshop. While the return on investment varies between different workshops, the savings in time alone can pay for the entire system in less time than you think.