Application of die cart system in automobile spare parts manufacturing
die cart system can effectively solve the mold change operation of 3 to 15 tons of large molds, especially the manufacturing of large molds such as steam locomotive components. For example, plastic parts bumpers, car grilles, fenders, spoiler door trims, engine covers, fans, etc.; aluminum, magnesium alloy engine blocks, gearboxes, wheels and so on.
Direct and indirect value of quick die change system for Press machine
Under the premise of system safety, the direct value of the punch-specific rapid die change system is the exchange time saved by the quick change system, that is, the added value created by the saved time.
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Taking injection molding production as an example, the benefit analysis of introducing quick mold change system
quick mold change system of the injection molding machine is not only considered in the design of the equipment structure, but also in the structural design and standardization of the mold, and the operation on the machine is placed under the machine as much as possible. It completely solves the problem of frequent mold replacement, shortens downtime and improves work efficiency.
The role of quick die change system for punch presses and commercial benefits
quick die change system is composed of a clamper, a lifter, a shifting arm, a pneumatic pump combination and an electronically controlled operation box, which can significantly shorten the installation and setting time of the punching die, and greatly reduce the time. The labor cost increases the safety of the stamping operation, improves the working environment, and truly achieves the goal of rapid production and sales.
die cart system has gradually become the standard for manufacturing companies.
die cart system is a manual or electrically driven movable mold transfer system. As a transportation part in the one-key die change system, it has the function of linking up and down, which can effectively solve the mold changing operation of 3 to 15 tons of large molds.
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